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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Your Car In Tiptop Shape

Is your car in tiptop shape?

It is a long commute for me to school on a daily basis. One of the main concerns regarding a long commute is a car that is properly tuned up. It is important to make that periodic visit to the car repair shop for maintenance. If the ignition system and the fuel system are serviced correctly, then a car is properly tuned up.

Make sure that the car starts easily, does not lack power, and is not getting poor mileage. Oil change will lubricate the engine properly and the a new oil filter will prevent harmful deposits from the engine, thus making the car run smoother. Oil and filter change means draining the old motor oil and replacing it with new motor oil. If you are keen on doing this, it will save you from forking out large sums of money to your auto shop later on.

My friend who drives an  Acura Integra makes it a point to have her car checked regularly (tune up, change oil). She depends on Repair Pal in finding reviewed Houston auto repair. Instead of the time consuming calls made on each auto shop, Repair Pal will provide information on how much in a particular city a car owner will shell out for parts and service done. Amazing how one site saves her time and provide her with the best service available. So, is your car in tiptop shape?


Icy BC said...

I've just taken my car in for a tuneup since winter is coming. Thanks for the reminder, Tes..

Tekkaus said...

Yep. It is important to keep our prized possession in top notch condition. :)

George said...

What a great reminder. Regular maintenance is one reason our Prius is still running well with close to 150,000 miles on it.

betchai said...

i have zero knowledge about Car, Tes, and maybe so is Khai :( but thankfully, car services makes it all easier for us :) like doctors clinic, they also remind us when it is time for tune up and all

Cars mobile Mecahnic said...

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