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Friday, July 2, 2010

Cycling Craze

One of the things that Doods is fond of is biking or simply put "cycling."  He and his mountain bike can go places. Thanks to family friendly bike lanes that are situated along beautiful parks, biking has become another remarkable way to de-stress. Biking is also a good form of exercise, not to mention inexpensive. No need to pay membership fee or shell out gas money just to get to the gym. All he has to do is grab his bike and go! Biking is also eco-friendly, it does not emit fuel discharge and generates renewable energy thus minimizes air pollution and reduces traffic congestion.

Biking and photography -two of Doods' favorite hobbies- go well together. With biking, it is so easy to park  anywhere and snap. Doing away with the hassle of costly parking or lack of parking space. Its high maneuverability and ability to travel on special paths makes it a good companion for nature photographers.

Bikers need to note the little things that make a bikers life safe and comfortable. There are special gears that are considered a necessity. Biking shorts  are the first thing a biker should invest on. These special shorts provide padded support if you will be cycling for long periods of time and on long distance ride.Equally important is the bike shoes that absorbs the pressure of body as the biker pedals through. Bike helmet is the bikers best companion. Not only does it protect the brain during accidents, it is also a law in over half of the US states. However careful a biker may be, there are always motorists who drive like dare devils. It is better to be safe than sorry. Another handy companion is the bike lock. Most bikers invest on a good bike and good bikes can be eye-candy for burglars. It is always wise to put a lock on your bike. In fact, it is recommended that you put two or three locks in your bike. Biking can be very enjoyable if a biker pays attention to these simple things.

The weather has been good, warm enough for some sweat. Doods can't wait to be out and be on that bike lane again.



Tekkaus said...

This bike sure looks nice. I have never put on any helmet before. It's been a long time since I ride any bicycle. :p

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