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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Techno Friends

Technology used to be feared, shunned. People use to be inhibited to try new tech-stuff. I remember when beta max was first introduced, we had to wait for my dad to be home because apparently, he was the only one who can operate it -no kidding! Haha!  Or the time when microwave first came into the market. My mom and aunts had to think twice before owning one because of hearsay about dangerous waves and such coming out of the thing. Now, every house has one. Actually every house needs one! Technology has come a long way and people have warmed up to different tech stuff available in the market. 

I'm a small person, so I get along well with a mini laptop. My fingers fit the keys perfectly well, not to mention the weight, wow, mine is so light! When we traveled to Asia, mine fit in my small carry on. Very convenient. Another useful friend, is our tomtom go 930t gps. Anybody who drives needs one. Ours was the best attachment our car ever got. It has proven its worth when we traveled to my sister house last Summer.

Recently, Doods purchased a Sony lcd television for my craft room. It was a very timely purchase because my nieces are here for the holidays. While am helping them with the crafts that they are working on, I can also watch at the same time. I just need to be around to assist but they are old enough to work on their own. This new sony lcd  television also allows me to watch sitcoms that I've missed seeing during its regular airing. It has plugs that lets me see all the episodes of my fave Grey's Anatomy without commercial interruption.

Am glad that this generation considers technology as friends. I myself am dependent on a lot of techy-stuff to help me get by my day efficiently and comfortably.


Tekkaus said...

Now you can watch World Cup on this beautiful screen. :D

RNSANE said...

Technology is amazing. I have proven that it is possible to teach an old dog new tricks...though I am definitely slow to learn, Tes.a

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