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Friday, January 22, 2010

Back to the Beach This Summer

My nieces can't wait for summer, so they can go back to the beach. They moved here in America  from the Philippines, last July 2009.  Everybody got busy with getting ready to school, so they have not been to the beach since them. Tosomebody who have lived in an archipelago all their life, that length of time with no beach, is really a long time!  Teehee. The Philippines is made up of  7,107 islands, which simply means, there's practically water almost everywhere. It was a drastic change when they moved to Arizona. Not that they do not like Arizona. Contrary, they love school and have made several friends already. They also like the places they have visited around their area, and enjoy  the activities available.
Several of our friends recommended Myrtle Beach Hotel. They mentioned about the reasonably priced Myrtle Beach Resort. And regaled us about the Myrtle beach accommodations.  Friendly staff, easy transaction and the thing we like the most, the resort is newly opened in 2008. Yay! They boast of indoor and outdoor pool, and the highlight of course is the distance to the beach. The hotel is just a few feet away from the beach! Awesome!

The girls have been working hard in school, they deserve this break. Doods and I have started canvasing already. Good thing  a lot of things can be done online. Cuts the time in half. We can do the booking by just a click of the button. But I think after reading about Myrtle beach accommodation, we do not have to wait long or look elsewhere. Better secure that deal, so we can start to relax and wait for summer.


Self Sagacity said...

I have never been but really want to after reading your blog!

RNSANE said...

I am sure you'll have a great always seem to do anywhere you travel. You are already used to that hot weather...isn't it funny, I was born in GA, went to nursing school in New Orleans but I never loved the heat. I am so much happier in the cool climate of San Francisco!

Whitemist said...

From being water people to a desert sounds almost like me moving from Houston, with practically no winter to CT with 4 or 5 months of it! Ugh!

AL said...

Hope the girls would enjoy the beach over there. You know, how beaches here are Tes, hehe.

George said...

Myrtle Beach is a wonderful choice. I used to live north of Myrtle Beach and really enjoyed the area. Betsy and I go down to that area every year. I think you'll really enjoy a vacation there.

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