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Monday, January 18, 2010

Online Stock Trading

By Chay

If you are married to an accountant, you will understand this subject well. I am an accountant and it took my husband several years before he finally got it. Today,  I can see I trained him well  (LOL) . When he goes to the store, he saves every receipt, he price checks everything before actually buying it. We all have learned the sad truth that money is a big factor in a marriage, it can break a beautiful relationship if not handled well. Financial conversations are one of the most important subjects couples should understand completely about their partner prior to a marriage. We did and it wasn’t an easy conversation. It takes patience, understanding, cooperation and proper planning.

Saving for rainy days is our first financial objective and investing for our retirement is the second. Whenever we have an extra dollar or two or get a tax refund, we make sure to set aside a portion for our retirement fund. We love our IRA account. Every year our investment into this account reduces our taxable income amount--it is like taking money away from the government legally. It is called tax deferred or tax exempt income to use when we retire. Not only does it help us by paying less taxes now while supporting our children in college, but it is a nice little nest egg for when we retire. 

There are choices in how you invest for your retirement. You can choose from a Traditional IRA, Roth, SEP and Simple IRA’s. It is not complicated at all with the proper financial guidance. It is more about meeting your financial goals through the right instrument. I just tell the financial expert what I want to do with my money and they guide me to the right choice options. I feel very relaxed and so does my husband--the not-so-accounting type. 

There are a lot of powerful tools online and a lot of online broker who can guide you if you are thinking about investing in stocks or stock trading, setting up mutual funds , opening or rolling over your IRA accounts, education planning, mobile trading, and a lot more. I know very little about this, so I make it a point to consult with the professionals, such as Online Trading,  when it comes to investments. 


Tekkaus said...

I wish I can really earn through this. But I'm sure the risk is too huge? :p

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