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Monday, January 11, 2010

Car Craze

One of our friends is looking into buying a new car. With low interest rates, this might be the best time to get one. It is difficult to choose one with so many to choose from. He is looking for a car that will best work with his lifestyle. One that is reliable, durable and one that can suit his day to day activities. He is into fishing and wants an SUV that can haul his boat. He also does hiking and photography. These are just some of the things he needs to consider in choosing his next vehicle.

He likes the 2010 Saab, but is torn between this and the Chevy because he read a lot of good things when he checked the Chevy reviews.  Although when he came across the Chevrolet equinox review he liked the idea of a crossover vehicle. Crossover vehicles are showing high performance and has good maneuverability. It has the power of an SUV but it rides like a car. Lately, other  than these huge babies, the sleek Honda Crosstour also appeals to him. But knowing him, he won't settle unless he has checked the 2010 Honda crosstour review. Hmm... good luck!


Tekkaus said...

Men loves cars right? :p

RNSANE said...

Boys and their toys!

Ruthi said...

I love the crossover. Since I had the accident two Christmases ago... I will never drive anything but an AWD especially here in Maine where winter roads are treacherous. My Hubby on the other hand won't drive anything but a truck to put all his crap. lol

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