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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Ceiling Fans

Recently, blogger friends MJ and Joanie were talking about snowstorms and snowfall that is knee high. They were out enjoying a sleigh ride, skiing  and  snowball fight. While my friend, MJ, was making a snowman in West Virginia, Doods and I, here in Houston, were gardening under 65 degrees scourging heat. The frenzy of mother nature! Yes, it is warm here in Houston. Although, we do experience nasty winter and Arctic blasts, freeze is rare. But mother nature knows exactly how to balance things. Like all moms, she does not play favorites. On summers...oh boy, electric bills soar up high and the air conditioner is overworked!

When Doods and I purchased our house, we made sure that we had ceiling fans installed upstairs and downstairs. Here in Houston, even with the air conditioner, it can still be warm during summers. The ceiling fan circulates the air and helps condition the temperature in the house. The air conditioner does not get overworked.

Here in Houston and surrounding areas, ceiling fans are not only found in houses, even some restaurants have ceiling fans. Just the other day, our friend, Tam, owner of our favorite Vietnamese Noodle House, was talking about replacing her overused ceiling fans. She was saying, the fans have been in service for a long time and needs to be replaced soon before summer heat comes in full force. Instead of buying in retail, Tam is thinking of buying wholesale. Buying wholesale will save Tam a huge amount of money. It is cheaper to buy wholesale. She canvased online and found some good deals. After much deliberation, she found  Hansen wholesale ceilings fans competitive, reasonably priced and provides a variety of brands and styles. Hmm, if Tam can spare us one from her wholesale order, we are thinking of installing a ceiling fan here in my craft room.


Tekkaus said...

My home is fitted with 2 ceiling fans. I thing ceiling fans are good for ventilation. :)

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