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Monday, January 25, 2010

Choose A Good Luggage

Last June, Doods and I, together with our family, visited some countries in Southeast Asia. We traveled with a large party of nine. We took my three nieces on their first out-of-the-country experience. The trip wouldn't be complete without my mom, their grandma. Before we know it, my sister and Doods's sister were all tagging along. The more, the merrier, yay! My dad-in-law and mom-in-law, who had work and cannot join us, drove us to the airport instead. It was the first time for Doods and I to be in-charge of a huge party.  We've travel in a group tour, but we had only each other to take care off.  Traveling with family is a huge responsibility. Although, it was so much fun traveling with children. They are so funny and their delight at simple things communicate to the adults and contaminate the day.

Image courtesy of Village Luggage and Gifts

We hardly had time to prepare because we were in Asia for just two months, and this includes seing relatives and friends and touring some neighboring countries. We had to fly back to America in time to get my nieces settled before school opens. We were rushing things, and were in a hurry to get my nieces ready for the tour. We bought Luggage for each one of the girls and did not have time to scrutinize its quality. We did not worry much about the quality and material used because it won't be heavily used. The girls have very light clothing (its summer) a couple of shirt, shorts, a pair or two of flip flops and sneakers, one or two pieces of hats, that was it. Well, the luggage were fine at Malaysia, but on our way to Singapore, Catie's lost a wheel! Urg! We over-looked all the throwing and tossing from the cargo loaders at the airpost! It's such a hassle when something like this happens! My bro-in-law, Marlon, (Cate's dad) had to lift Cate's broken luggage as he pulls his. Lesson learned! Now, we make it a point to give importance to luggage even if we only have light stuff to put in it. All the tossing and throwing would take it's toll on a luggage with low-class material. We've checked online and found several that looks good and lasting. Delsey Luggage looks really sturdy for that non-stop cross country tour. Hartmann Luggage and Tumi Luggage looks equally sturdy, but light. I'd go for both. I might need a lighter one for the periodic out-of-state teacher conferences. But the thing that caught Doods and my attention, is the monogramming!  What could be cooler than monogrammed luggage!


Tekkaus said...

This is especially important if you wanna travel long ditance right? Then you need a really good and durable luggage to be your companian. :)

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