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Friday, January 22, 2010

Creative House Warming Gifts

A well manicured lawn adds curb appeal to a house. However small a house, or a lawn may be, there are many ways to accessorize it. When we had our house warming some years ago, we received several gifts that I did not even dream existed. From practical  stuff for the kitchen, bedroom, closet, etc. to little trinkets like chimes and hand towels. But the ones I remember the most, are those little things that are not so common. My friend, Esa, from California, was creative enough to send me a decorative mailbox! Who would have thought of such an item to send as a gift. Really cool! It's one of our favorites!

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Esa's gift gave me a wonderful idea . Delightful, inexpensive and unexpected, is how I describe her gift. I decided, I would want to pass on the experience.  Every time there is a house warming, I go online and check out some address plaques.  Every house needs an address sign, what would be nicer than having one that is stylish. An artsy address plaque is one of those simple and functional gifts that can readily accessorize a  house. Whether it's a big house, a small house, a colorful house or a plain house, address signs can be custom tailored to match the design of the house. My sister who moved to another house during the Thanksgiving break, will be delighted to have one of those decorative address plaques.


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