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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Credit Repair

When we found out that my sister's family was migrating  here in America, the first thing my husband and I thought off was to purchase a bigger vehicle that can seat all seven of us, me and my husband, plus my sister, her husband and my three nieces. So after much deliberation, we purchased a seven-seater SUV. We got this vehicle with very low APR because we have good credit score. Whew, that saved us a lot of money. But what if you need to purchase a vehicle or a house and you have a bad credit score? Chances are, you will end up with a higher APR or worst, not be approved at all.

One of our friends needed to purchase a car because his old car kept breaking down and repair is costing him not only money, but his time. His car is so old, it is no longer serviceable. He was forced to retire his car and he bought a new one. The thing is, his credit score is in bad shape. Good thing, there is such a thing as credit repair. It can easily be accessed online and it takes as simple as 1-2-3 and you're done. It is guaranteed to fix credit score. So why settle for high APR when you can fix your credit score and get that interest you desire.


Whitemist said...

Sometimes credit score is meaningless in these things, I know I wanted to refinance my condo which had a good amount of equity. My credit score was outstanding, but because there were more renters than owners in the complex I was denied after 4 months of agony with the bank.

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