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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Crumpled, Creased and Comfy

My nieces, Therese (11 years old), Cate (10) and Miriam (9) moved here in America last July, in time for the opening of classes for the school year 2009-2010. In the Philippines, the school were they are at required them to wear uniform everyday, so when they came here, our first concern was to shop for girls casual clothes. My sister's priority was comfort and something that can go crumpled and creased, so as to do away from the hassle of ironing.

It is such a delight to shop for  girls clothes because there are so many colors, cut and style availabe, plus there are so many cute accessories that can go well with girls dresses. The only hassle sometimes is that the girls get tired of making the frequent trip to the fitting room to try the clothes on. Good thing there is always an option to shop for kids clothes online.

This school year, despite being in a new environment, the girls were excited to go to school because of their new clothes. The clothes and accessories gave them an extra boost.

My nieces in their new school


Tekkaus said...

So no uniform in new school? :p

Linda (PA_shutterbug) said...

Some of our exchange students wore uniforms to school in their countries as well. They enjoyed dressing casually, but each of them said how much easier it was to get dressed for school in their countries. They didn't have to figure out what to wear.

Icy BC said...

Sorry Tes, I didn't see this post! Beautiful nieces!

RNSANE said...

Sometimes I think uniforms make it easier in that kids don't have to be so competitive with each other, wanting what their friends have!

Your nieces look very sweet and are lovely young ladies.

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