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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Does Rehab Really Work?

Rehabilitation, shouldn't be seen with a "to be or not to be" attitude. This is one topic I feel strongly about. Having witnessed, my husband's childhood friend and neighbor, suffer from substance abuse. It starts of as a light matter. It started as taunting from peers, to "taste the real thing." His peers challenged him with, "get a feel of the real thing!" and later, long after the peers are gone, he still uses. He has become a dependent! Even, he, the victim of such an addiction has no idea of the extent of the damage this problem can create. He started to use mildly, but once in the claws of such an addiction, it would be difficult for the victim to extricate himself. He tried to stop several times, but it was too difficult for him.

This thing is, this kind of addiction can happen to anyone. Even people who have caring families. Doods's childhood  friend was brought up by wonderful parents. Doods and I know them so well. The victim had siblings who are caring and supportive. Sadly, even the nicest kids can be influenced by peer at a vulnerable age of puberty, when the only thing that matters, is to belong. Such is the case with the victim.

After a year of substance abuse, the victim started to change, his actions no longer resemble that of the person we use to know. He has become temperamental, screaming and shouting at his siblings, even at his parents.He made it through high school, not without problems of fighting and other drug-related actions. But  he was worst in collage, he can't stay focused anymore, and has to keep dropping out. He cannot sustain a decent job. Even the easiest job seems difficult to keep. He  started getting worst, he started stealing from family and friends. He even sold some appliances in their house. He started staying out of the house. His parents can't get hold of him. His family became frustrated  and fearful of him and for him. Until one fateful night, he was caught stealing from a neighborhood grocery store. Only then did the parents got hold of him. People have given up on him, but not his family. His parents negotiated with the cops. They begged to send him to Drug rehabilitation instead.

The family were allowed to send him to a Residential drug rehab. It was difficult at first, the victim begged his parents one more chance and asked his parents to take him out of the rehabilitation center, but his parents persisted. They have to be cruel to be kind. Finally, they were able to talk him into staying. Even while his family wanted to help him, they do not know where to start. And there is also the problem of withdrawal. This could be difficult without professional help. The only option they have, was drug treatment. It was painful for both the victim and the family, but it is their only option.

The victim stayed in rehab far longer than the other patients, not because he needs to, he has found new life in rehab and even stayed on as volunteer when he finally cleaned up. The drug rehabilitation did him so much good. Now, five years later, Doods childhood friend has completely recovered from substance abuse. He got married last year and they now have a cute son. If asked, if rehab really works, I'd say, YES, it definitely does! I would not have written about drug rehab until I witnessed how it changed our friend's life.


Tekkaus said...

It all boils down to the peron's will power. No one can really him.

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