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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Driver Access Saves the Day

My sister bought a new laptop last week. The first one this year after the misfortune of a break-in some weeks before Christmas. The burglar did not take anything bulky, but instead expensive tech stuff that he can easily conceal in his jacket. He took all their laptops and the girls's ipods. It was alarming that it happened in broad daylight. The burglar must've realized everyone is out of the house at that time of day. Anyway, in a household with three children all schooling age (9, 10 and 11) it is difficult to go without a computer at home. The children need to access their homework online, and of course the little comfort brought about by technology, such as email and picture sharing. They started with one laptop and are trying to work out a schedule until they can get another one for the girls.

When they came here to Houston to visit us for the winter break, I gave her my old but still very useful  printer. I got a new one from the desktop I bought. These PC packages normally comes with a free printer.  The thing is, when they got to Arizona, they cannot install the printer. Windows Vista cannot detect the printer.  Oh wow, that printer traveled for miles and it would be a waste if they cannot use it, it's still very good.  After inquiring from our techy friends, we discovered driver update. These computer drivers are available online. Driver download is as easy as one-two-three. My brother-in-law went online and did a driver update and voila, it helped them find the printer drivers for their new Vista computer. Amazing. Now the girls can print some of their homework. I knew my old printer is still capable of doing the job. Driver Access saved the day!


foongpc said...

Yes, nowadays thieves like to steal laptops and ipods and handphones. It's easier to carry and these things are worth a lot of money!

George said...

I don't know what we would do without our computers even for a few days. I'm glad you were able to help out by donating a printer. I'm even happier that they were able to get the necessary drivers for it.

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