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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Local Yellow Pages

Not everyone is well-versed in using the web. Some of my old aunts find it hard to limit a search to a particular item, because whenever they search for something specific, all sorts of other related stuff pulls up. Sometimes, people appear to be computer literates, but their knowledge is limited to emailing or chatting. I know because I have several aunties who are like this. There is nothing wrong with it, this email is not intended to find fault in that, on the contrary, this post is intended to help them get over their phobia of the web.

Ever tried to find local restaurants around your area and found it difficult to limit your search because the restaurants name is so generic? Well, get used to using a local yellowpages. Yes it's online and right at your fingertips. It is user-friendly and limits your search to a specific item, all on one page. This saves you precious time from getting lost clicking on several buttons just to find a particular restaurant's location. Even the reviews about that specific restaurant is available. Make it a habit to use the local yellowpages, it is your best tool for your local search.


Tekkaus said...

In Malaysia...our online yellow pages is not that good yet. At least in terms of coverage. :)

George said...

Good advice. I find the online local yellow pages to be very useful.

Whitemist said...

And the plate looks good also!

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