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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Locker Mania

My eldest niece who is now in 6th grade is so thrilled because finally she is in the grade level where they are entitled to school lockers. Hooray! Normally, but not always, the younger students, in the lower grade levels from first grade to fifth, do not have lockers yet. They just leave their school materials and books in an assigned shelf inside the classroom. This school year, finally, Therese has her own locker. She is so excited to decorate it and install small magnetic canisters and hooks and, posters of her fave teen idols, Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift! Geez, youth! So cute!

My niece, Therese

Another thing that excites her are the gym lockers in their school. She says the lockers are new and clean. The thing is, she plays volleyball twice a week and is encumbered with gym clothes on those days. Having a gym locker helps a lot since the gym is near the parking lot. With the gym lockers, she does not have to go back up their hallway to retrieve her stuff from her school locker, she simply deposits it in the gym locker when she comes in in the morning. Yes, this school year, it's locker mania for my girl! Hahaha!

Her mom is also ckecking out some online  lockers for sale  because Therese wants a locker style cabinet in her bedroom.  My friends daughter, Frances, has one. I guess it's also locker mania @ my friend, Cherry's house.  :)


AL said...

Lockers, lockers why are lockers so precious to these teens, hahaha! I remembered my high school days when I play for the school and my locker was so full of stickers, and chocolates and okay space won't be enough LOL!

BTW good to know you're niece plays volleyball.


Autumn Belle said...

I never had a locker in school. Public schools here now still don't provide students with lockers. My son's dream too to have a locker at school, just like what he sees in High School Musical and other US serials.

Linda (PA_shutterbug) said...

Your niece is a lovely girl; such a nice portrait of her. I hope that her mom buys her the locker for her bedroom. I believe the lockers come in different colors, so she can have one that will compliment her bedroom.

Tekkaus said...

back in my school...there's no such things as Locker. :p It is just now our culture here in Malaysia.

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