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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Math Tutors Online

Most of the parents of my Kindergarten students are always excited to help their kids with homework. Some, even demanding extra work from the teacher. A parent-and-child take-home project gets both parent and child excited! But as children grow older, their subjects in school become difficult too. These parents who were eager to help their kids with kindergarten homework are still eager to help their eighth grader with their work, except sometimes, the homework is difficult even for the parents.  A good example of this, are the Math problems I saw my niece working on. It was just simple multiplication in third grade. It looked so easy, but when I was watching my niece, I realized she was solving it with a totally different procedure than the one I was taught during my grade school days. Like really different. It was using a diagonal columns. She was doing it fast, but I can't even solve one problem using her way! I can do multiplication, when I solve it the way I know how. I dare not teach her my way, because they were required to show the solution. I realized, with so much innovation, her way was actually an easier method than mine! So funny... but reality check, its everywhere!

Most often than not, parents want to help kids with their homework, but when the homework is way beyond the parents capabilities, the parents become limited and the children feel helpless. One time, my friend, Myla tried to be a Math tutor to her ninth grade daughter. It was so funny, instead of helping her daughter understand the problems in her homework, her mom (my friend) made it more confusing, then my friend, Myla, ended up confused too! Hahaha. Some Math help! Good thing, there are Math tutors online.  This online tutor is convenient. My friend, Myla, was saying, she can even sit down with her daughter, so she can  learn with her daughter and later can help her daughter with extra drills. The Math problem solver was so helpful and these at the comfort of their home. Myla does not have to drive her daughter to a tutorial center. The online Math tutor saves her precious time and gas money! If you are interested, you can even try their free online tutoring.


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