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Friday, January 15, 2010

Online Math Help

If asked which is their least favorite subject, most  high school students would say, Math. There are still a handful that really likes Math and enjoys working on Math problems, but the majority of them shuns Math away. This is a dilemma to Math teachers. Technically Fear of Math, makes kids hate Math. This in turn, blocks their mind about anything Math-related. My co-teachers who teaches Math, knows that most times, all it takes for kids to be confident in Math is one-on-one instruction. Reality check, with 21 students in the classroom and half demanding one-on-one attention, the teachers would not have enough time to attend to each one. Not that they do not try. Actually, the soonest possible time a child gets Math help, the better. This will avoid unlearned skills from piling up.

The thing, is, even parents do not always have the time to sit down and help the kids with their Math homework, how much more provide them with extra drill that will ensure mastery of a concept or a skill. Good thing, there are several online tutoring available. In high school, Algebra can be difficult because it is a transition from whole numbers to integers (the use of letters within Math). But there is also Algebra help that can be found online. One-on-one Algebra tutoring can help the student to be confident with the subject, improve his/her test-taking abilities and provide the needed motivation through achievement and success. I think with on-the-go parents, online tutoring is the best option.



George said...

As a former math teacher I am very aware of the fear of math. You're right -- with help and encouragement most students can overcome this fear. I'm just sorry they didn't have online help when I was teaching high school.

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