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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Piano Lessons, Anyone?

Sometimes, when I get home from a tiring day in school, I just want to sit and stare blankly at nothing. Sometimes, I do just that! Hahaha. On other days, after giving my brain a good rest, I take a shower, make myself hot tea and sit quietly and stare some more. When I have rested, I go to my piano and play. Playing the piano is one of the things that relaxes me. Sitting in the piano stool and hitting some keys can help make tiredness evaporate.

My Baldwin

I learned to play the piano when I was in second grade and have kept lessons until I was in high school. I learned the hard way. Piano lessons in the old days have rigid training and the pieces are somewhat difficult than the ones I see now. By difficult I mean, now, there are arrangements of the same titles that are so much easier to play (especially for kids) and yet would sound almost the same as their difficult counterparts. I have also discovered, there are easier ways to learn the piano. My friend, Miriam's son, Myron, even learned from youtube. Of course, learning the right way still matters.

One time, I was looking for free sheet music (these are costly in music stores) I came across a site that teaches piano lessons and provide good techniques for playing. It's been awhile since I have polished on my techniques, I just play, period. Now, am excited to review and take some refresher course. The site is amazing, it made learning to play the piano so easy. Piano lessons, anyone?


Linda (PA_shutterbug) said...

It always amazes me what you can learn on the computer. One of our exchange students learned to play guitar from instructions found on the Internet.

RNSANE said...

My oldest son ha always played music. When he was six, he started with a saxaphone. I wanted something less expensive, like a flute...but, no, he had to have a sax. He played that for a few years, then he switched to the guitar which he has played for over twenty five years...he took his guitar with him to Kuwait when his AF reserve unit got activated. Just recently, at 35, he started taking piano lessons, though we don't own a piano. He
would like to have one someday!

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