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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A Rehab Is Your Chrysalis

Coming face to face with the fact that someone you love is suffering from drug addiction is really difficult to accept. But the soonest possible time you accept it, the better. The person who is trapped inside a dry well, would need help from someone outside of it to pull him out. After acknowledging the problem and the enormity of the situation, it is vital that you and your family sit down and talk about plans of rehabilitation. However much you love that person, your love alone cannot solve his problem of drug addiction for him, contrary, because you love him, it is important that you help him see the importance of seeking professional help. It is vital  to gather as much information as possible before choosing a good residential drug rehab.

It is also equally important that the person directly involved, your drug-dependent loved one, to admit that he has a problem. A problem well-stated is a problem half solved. It would be difficult to admit that he has a problem, doing so means admitting his imperfections and his vulnerability. This also means acknowledging his failures. Rehab is his chrysalis. A caterpillar endures the painful process of being shelved in a dark cocoon, with every faith that there is a better self waiting to emerge. This decision to enter a residential drug rehab is the most important one he'll ever make.

Drug addiction is a disease. It can be overcome with proper treatment. Drug detox means clearing of toxins from the body of someone who is acutely intoxicated. A good facility is necessary for such treatment. On top of the physical treatment, drug dependents should be guided to regain the self that they have lost. Only in finding the courage to take the first step, can you really be helped.  Let Tennessee Drug Rehab help you bring your loved one back. Ultimately, you want that person to live a healthy and productive life.


Tekkaus said...

As long as you don't give up, there is always hope. :)

ruthi said...

Family support is also very crucial in the treatment of drug addiction. Nice post.

Icy BC said...

It's not easy to beat, but with love and support, it can be done..

RNSANE said...

Tes, I am so much in agreement with you on this issue. Drug dependence can ultimately destoy a family system. Professional help is so important for all involved - the drug dependent person AND his loved ones.

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