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Monday, January 25, 2010

Secondhand Works

Doods's was just talking to his friend, James, the other day. It's been awhile since those two touched-based. James is in San Francisco. He was the first person who welcomed Doods when Doods first came here in America. James was talking about the car that he bought for his daughter, who has recently acquired a driver's license.  Much as James wants to get her a brand new car, he knows it's more practical to just get a secondhand one first. A reliable secondhand Honda Accord to be precise. He is very happy with his newly purchased secondhand car for his daughter. The deal that was given to him worked well with his budget. James was just saying, his priority is not brand new, although it will happen someday, but with his limited budget, a reliable secondhand will work well with his daughter's short distance commute to school.

The thing that will go well with a secondhand car is a dependable auto repair shop that can help fine tune some things in the car and help maintain the car. James  looked online for a reliable  San Francisco auto repair, and one that will not overprice him. Good thing, canvasing for auto repair shops is as easy as one-two-three with repairpal. With one click, a site can pull up the different reviews for, and locations of, the different auto repair shops in any area.

As for James's daughter's secondhand Honda Accord, no major repair was needed, just a simple replacement of the timing belt and it is looking as good as new. He said the engine is so quiet, just like that of a brand new car!  Most often than not, secondhand works.


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