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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

See It Live!

My husband, Doods, is into sports big time. Some of you know this already. I often write about him in relation to sports! Teehee. His weekends are devoted mostly to watching sports. He does not just watch, he plays too. Basketball is his favorite. He plays every Wednesdays and Fridays. He has a regular basketball club. He and some teammates also love to watch the live game at Toyota Center. He is also a huge fan of football, sadly,  the football season will be over on February 7. But it's ok, his favorite is currently on, the NBA!

The gang @ Toyota Center, after the game

Lately, he's been rooting for the the Boston Celtics, on top of his local team, the Rockets. He has been scouting for Boston Celtics tickets for awhile now. He and his friends can't wait to see the Celtics play against the Rockets. That would be the game to see!

There is also Ice Hockey. One of the teams that he is rooting for is the New York Rangers. We have seen Ice Hockey @ Toyota Center, but Doods and I have not yet seen the the Rangers live. We've checked for New York Rangers tickets and can't wait for the chance to get good seats that are reasonably priced.

Well, actually after playing golf in our Wii console, Doods and I are eager to watch a live golf tournament. Now, this is something really new to us. We watched live games sitting down on the court or on a field, but have not done so hiking around well-manicured lawn. We've checked online for Augusta National Golf Course tickets. I feel golf is exciting because of the short hikes in between holes.

Well, we're really looking forward to getting those tickets. Nothing beats seeing a live game!


Tekkaus said...

I wish I can see a football match live too. I mean English Premier League lar. :p

Linda (PA_shutterbug) said...

It sounds like you enjoy watching the sports as much as Doods.

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