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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Technology and Education

Technology, where would we be without it. Education, has evolved from pen and paper to smart board and LCD projectors. Technology has elevated the term hands on and involvement.  Technology has made learning fun. Even my five-year old students learned the basics of typing (or keyboarding as the computer teacher calls it) through the help of  their color-coded keyboard. Who wouldn't  learn, if you have to catch the letters a-s-d-f and h-j-k-l falling from fluffy colorful clouds, one letter after another. It starts real slow and builds up speed, at the end of the month, they can type these initial 8 letters with very little effort and with their eyes on the screen and not on the keys, amazing! Nowadays, even parent-teacher communication can be done through technology -email. Homework, even though print outs are sent home, can also be accessed online.

When my sister and her family moved here in America last July, the first thing they had to work out was their internet services, they were deliberating whether to get hooked up through dial-up or dsl services. In the end, they settled for dsl connection. Most of my nieces homework and other additonal lessons can be accessed online, they need a service that's fast and reliable. 


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