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Monday, February 8, 2010

Invest In Your Flooring

When Doods and I were looking around to buy a house, we prepared a check list to remind us of the important things that we need to look for. Location was a main consideration. Neighborhood, the community, another.  We were not in a hurry to buy a house. We had plenty of time, so we took it slow. On weekends, we would be out scouting around and visiting models houses. We had fun doing it. Finally, we found one the fits our lifestyle. It is situated in a good neighborhood. Had the amenities we want. It even has the lay out that I really like.

Finally, it was time to sign some papers and get down with the specifics. At that time, we were new to home buying and needed a lot of help. I called up several friends who have already bought a house. I asked for important things to remember. My friend, Grace, was a huge help. She said, one of the things we must pay attention to would be the flooring.  At least have the floor upgraded to the one that we really like. She warned us that changing the floor when the furniture are all set up in place would be messy and  troublesome, not to mention, the minor (or even major damages) that changing floors might incur. After much deliberation, we decided to upgrade to Spanish tiles for the formal living room and formal dining room. These areas do not have heavy traffic and not as used up as the upstairs game room and downstairs family room. For the family room, we settled for  laminate flooring .  This area has heavy traffic. On top of being  a TV room, it is also where Doods assembled his gaming console. Upstairs, we have carpet. I still like the feel of walking barefoot on a soft padded carpet.  It has been five years since we moved to our home. I am really pleased we went for the floor upgrades. It is so practical. Easy to maintain and it added character to the house.


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