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Friday, February 5, 2010

Oceanfron Myrtle Beach Resort

It is barely spring, but we are already scouting for a place to dive in this summer.  Am sure we are not the only ones. Who wouldn't? My lips are chaffed from cold sores, as I type. An awful reminder of the nasty winter most of us are experiencing right now. My nieces, who lived in a tropical country all their lives, moved to Arizona last July, and are almost  traumatized by the violent dessert storms, thick snow blankets, and below freezing temperature. It is their first time to experience winter in America. The first bouts of snow were delightful to them, having seen none all their lives! They enjoyed frolicking in the white covered grounds of their garden and the school grounds, but dealing with it everyday was something else.

To help them cope with this initial shock, their mom (my sister) and I are cooking up a different type of beach experience. Beaches are what they are used to, having lived in the Philippines, a country with 7,000 islands. Fun in the sun will help lessen the shock of the winter-experience.

Every little chance we get, we look around online for a good place to visit this summer. My sister found Oceanfront Myrtle beach resorts.  Myrtle beach is an ideal place for a vacation, a place rich in beauty and culture, travelers find a bounty of unique experiences each time they visit the place. Myrtle beach resorts  has so many activities to choose from, Oceanfront Myrtle beach resort offers visitors a stunning array of fabulous vacation options. Accommodations range from luxurious 5-star resort to family-friendly condos; activities can be adventurous as kite surfing or as relaxing as a day by the pool.  My husband, Doods, and my brother-in-law, Marlon, are thrilled when they found out about the golf course. Yup, Myrtle beach resort  has a wide variety of golf courses. Doods and my brother-in-law has always been thinking of trying golf. This summer that just might happen.


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