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Monday, February 8, 2010

Protect Your Mortgage

I hear about foreclosure all the time, but do not worry my pretty head over it since both my husband, Doods, and I have stable jobs anyway. Teaching is pretty much stable. As long as there are children, we have a job. But we overlooked the reality that there could be other circumstances that might force me, or Doods to stay home without pay. Like what?  Er, like getting sick! Then it happened. To say unexpected is an understatement. I got sick. I am young and healthy, but reality check, it can happen to just any one of us. I was sick and had to undergo several surgeries. Worst, other than the major surgeries, there were procedures that I had to undergo that required that I stay at home a lot. Surgery, despite having an insurance, still required co-pay. This means, unexpected expense. On top of that, after I have exhausted my leave, I had to be in a no-work, no-pay state.

The surgeries were successful. Even as I was well on my way to recovery and had to stay home, Doods and I were thinking about our finances. Our payable do not stop just because I got sick. The bills have to be paid, and mortgage settled. My leave was used up, I was not getting paid anymore during my recuperation days. The first thing we did was to think of how best we can protect our mortgage. We sat down and re-compute our finances, check our income and savings versus our expenses. Then our friend introduced us to American Residential Law Group. This company does not take away the mortgage that needs to be paid, nor do they pay it for us, they just help people work around a payment scheme that will work best for both parties: The lender and the borrower. If you are ever in the same situation us we have been, get in touch with this firm. They will help you protect your mortgage.


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