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Monday, February 15, 2010

Trucks and Rodeo

They say everything is big in Texas. I say it's true! Even the vehicles. Yes, ma'am, Texans love trucks. Texas is  known as truck Country. The trucks are not just big, they are also stunningly accessorized. Truck owners really invest in dressing up their trucks. They buy truck accessories and they make sure their trucks are well maintained inside and out. One of the favorite accessories is the bull bar. The truck bull bars are available in many different styles. If you're interested in accessorizing your trucks, Westin is the place to stop and shop.

This month is big in Houston. It's rodeo month. This is a very much awaited festivity. Everybody looks forward to the Houston Rodeo. Guests from other states travel just to experience the rodeo. Even people from other countries visit. The popular vehicle on rodeo days is the truck. It will hold just about anything. It's used for delivering live stock and equipments. The rodeo is also a time for truck owners to showcase their well-decorated trucks.

If you have time to spare, do not hesitate to visit the Houston Rodeo, enjoy the live stock exhibit, the many different contest and shows. And feast your eyes on a grand truck parade.


Whitemist said...

I remember the Salt Grass trail riders coming down Interstate 10 before the rodeo. Do they still? It was fun to watch!

Ann said...

I'm thinking that here in Pennsylvania a bull bar would look pretty silly on my little

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