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Saturday, February 6, 2010


Last May, my college friend and her family moved to America from the Philippines. It was not easy to uproot. So many things to take care of.  There were important documents, old photographs,  and other sentimental treasures that has to be packed.  The move was physically draining and can put an emotional strain on just anyone. But at the end of the day, there is joy, just thinking of a better life ahead. Free education for the children and a good job waiting for my friend.

When they got to America, there were important concerns that needs to be dealt with right away. Getting a house tops the list. Acquiring a car is second. Unlike in the Philippines, there isn't an abundance of public transportation in Massachusetts. Depending on what country, item number two falls under basic needs. They were able to get a simple three-bedroom house and a second hand car. Another concern when you have these commodities would be the insurance for such. My friend went online and found that a very good  insurance, Insurance Franklin, MA can take care of both. Auto Insurance Franklin, MA can do their car and Homeowners Insurance Franklin, MA would be good stop to get insurance for their house. Now, at least the basics have been taken cared off. I hope now that they have been "planted,"  they can grow new roots and bloom where they are planted.


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