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Friday, February 5, 2010

Walk-In Bathtub

Having had two major surgeries, I know the the limitations of people who are and/or have been handicapped. When I was an "invalid," one of my many limitations, were standing up for a long time to take a shower, however quick I try to do it, it still causes some strain, how much more taking a bath! There were several faulty provisions that Doods and I created -some, right out funny- but we had no choice, but to do it. I remember putting a small mono-block chair on the bath tub, just so I can rest my shaky legs (whew!) Only hassle with this is the danger of slipping before I can sit myself on that chair, or the chair slipping after I have seated myself. Many other funny and dangerous tales to tell, am just glad, it's all over now.

The things is, when I was in that situation, I would occasionally check online to see what provisions can be done for situations like the one I was in, or even after I got out of the situation, I still feel inclined to do some research. Thing is, invalid or otherwise, am more relaxed sitting down while I bathe. Dunno if it's just me... but I can work that scrubbing and lathering better when am seated. I saw something really cool, I enclosed a photo. It's called a walk-in bathtub! This one I saw online has an anti-scalding mixing valves and air jets. Yes, you've heard right, air-jets, not water jets. Though this walk-in tubs have water jets as well.

It's a state of the art piece of comfort that we owe ourselves. Gosh, teaching kindergarten is fun, but it requires a lot of standing up in front of the classroom, roaming around to check on the student's work, bending down to assist them, squatting by anyone who needs that quick instruction and assistance, never mind, running in the playground and catching bugs! Ha! The list can go on, at the end of the day, I am wishful for a relaxing  walk-in bath tub where I can sit in a comfortable cushion and have a jet massage. Oh yes, please! I owe it to myself!


Tekkaus said...

Isn't it a little too hard to get into the bathtub. :p

Whitemist said...

I was/am lucky in that I generally use a shower that was easy to get in and out of - but at first in hospital, they did not want me to be alone for fear that I would fall. At least I did not have to worry about that by the time I came home!

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