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Friday, March 19, 2010

Moving Made Easy

When my sister first came here to America from the Philippines, they stayed in a two bedroom house. It would have been ok since my three nieces are still young enough to share one bedroom. The con was, the single bathroom that everybody had to share. Whew, there would be a long line every morning! After much deliberation, my sister and her husband decided to move to a four bedroom house. The girls really liked having their own room, the extra bathroom was a huge help.

With three young daughters and a pregnant wife, my brother-in-law had to get help with packing and moving. It would have been difficult for my brother-in-law, good thing there's moving truck For help with packing/boxing needs, there is always a one stop shop. If so desired, U-Pack also provide movers who are well-trained to move heavy furniture and appliances. If you encounter the same dilemma with your moving, try U-Pack. They made moving easier for my sister and her family, surely you'll find them a huge help too.


Ann said...

I'm guessing that it's not cheap though. I may end up having to move and I doubt that I would be able to afford something like that

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