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Monday, March 29, 2010

Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning is a cliche that rings everywhere  when spring comes. I myself am guilty of using the words as often, but hardly bulging to accomplish the merest of task -let alone start! I do not have a lot of excuses because as teachers we are always accorded some 9 days of no school (two weekends included) for spring break. However, this year is different.  This year is the first time my three nieces will experience spring here in America, and they will spend their first summer break (in America) here with us in Houston. That is morethan enough reason to clean, sort out and organize!

Am not suppose to be pushed in a corner to do spring cleaning, but sadly, I seem to be. What with too much school work, I can't help but use spring break as a time to recharge. Anyway, this year is different. This year, my husband and I are excited to do spring cleaning because our only family in America will come and spend about two months with us. Yay! On top of my three nieces, my sister is due to give birth on the third week of May! This would galvanize Doods and I to thoroughly clean every nook and cranny in the house. A baby!

We are so use to just the two of us in our house. I can foresee a lot of changes about to take place. There's hardly any bathroom organizer  in our guest bathroom. That's one of the things I need to remedy. My sister has a huge family of six! Yikes! But more than the organizers, I need a lot of cleaning to do! How long has it been since I cleaned the carpet of the guests rooms -I hardly enter it! *sigh*  But am thinking, I need to do an intense carpet cleaning. I checked the carpets and realized, it needs deep carpet cleaning already. The game room where heavy traffic happens needs some steam cleaning. After an intensive cleaning, I need  humidifier, especially with an infant coming to the house. Gosh, that's about a whole year of cleaning compressed in two months! However can I manage? Geez, I guess I"ll start with investing on good quality  housewares and home maintenance gadgets, and do it slowly but surely. Stress-free! (teehee) I can do it  little by little on weekends and stretch my cleaning days 'til  the early days of summer. I do enjoy cleaning and organizing. It's the rush that I do not like. So I guess, this year,  spring cleaning isn't limited to just spring.


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