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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Window Box Project

Last weekend, we drove to South Padre Island to visit a former co-teacher who traveled all the way from the Philippines to see her niece. Jelly's niece lives in an apartment in Harlingen. We were blown away by her apartment complex. The architecture was really pretty, with arches and stylish metal bars on the windows. The materials were also beautiful. Beige colored stones and slates on roof tiles. It was a very picturesque place.  Peaches, my co-teacher's nice, is fortunate to have secured a corner unit. The not-so-many corner units have a veranda that opened from the bedroom. It's a triangular veranda that over hangs from a landing. This overhang also creates a porch like shady area in the front of the apartment. What I really liked were the window boxes that Peaches have on her veranda. Spring has blessed it with beautiful blooms.

Peaches window flower boxes made me want to buy some window planters of my own. I have a window box at home, but I need to add some more and I need to replace the almost dead foliage I have there. Snow has killed most of my foliage. It's time for me to redo the garden.

On our way to South Padre Island, we passed by miles and miles of wildflowers. They form a beautiful blanket of colors that we discovered were too wild to capture with our camera. I took some snap, but the rest of its wild beauty will be imprinted only in our memories. Unless of course I take my window box project seriously.


Linda (PA_shutterbug) said...

What? No photographs, Tes? You described the apartment complex and window boxes so well. I looked for photographs, but there were none. You wrote of wildflowers too, but no pictures!

Ann said...

I'm with Linda, No picture? I always have good intentions of getting things planted outside my house but never seem to get it done. Good luck with your project.

betchai said...

oh Tes, I know how it feels to keep the beautiful memories, I sometimes wish we can stop to take pictures of what we see, but on a freeway that it seems impossible to stop and where to exit, I just treasure the memories in me. Can't wait to see some of your photos.

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