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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Health Calculator

Lately, blogger friends from Salitype, MJ and Chay started the Biggest Loser (BL) challenge. This program was devised to encourage some of us to lose that extra pound that has accumulated from all the winter festivities... some dates way back from Thanksgiving...teehee! I and another blogger buddy, Ruthi, joined the program. Nothing strenuous. We just share among ourselves creative ideas to lose weight. MJ steps on her machine 20-30 minutes, two times a day. Chay shared to us her diet diary and how diligently she enters everything she eats in her diary. This helps Chay be aware of her calorie count. Ruthi plays "tag-your-it" with her preschool students. I was greatly inspired by these women's enthusiasm to get back in shape and keep fit.

To my Biggest Loser Buddies, and anybody else who is interested to start a program of keeping fit, am sharing the badge below. May this badge help you jump start your weight loss or weight management program. To know more about your (BMI) Body Mass Index and (BMR) Basal Metabolic Rate, click on this health calculator.

C'mon guys, we are a TEAM! (Together We can Achieve More)

You've Got Mail

During the week-long Spring  break, Doods and I decided to visit my sister and her family in Arizona. This mailbox by the roadside caught our attention. Its weather-beaten look oozes with character. We decided to pull over and take a few snaps.Who could resist such beauty?

Click the badge if you want to see more scenic views. Happy Scenic Sunday!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Recovery Center For Women

I recently watched an old Sandra Bullock movie, 28 Days. It was about a woman who attended her sister's wedding, drunk! Geez! It did not end there, she got into a car accident for drunk driving. Yikes! Yeap, alcohol problems. She was made to choose between prison or rehab. Chooses rehab, but is extremely resistant to any activity in the rehab center. Needless to say, a  movie wouldn't be complete without a love interest. In this case, it was played by macho hunk, Viggo Mortensen. Not that love interests bothers me.  The thing is, the macho hunk happens to be in the rehab as our lead, Gwen Cummings (Sandra Bullock)  Whew.. talk about quiet time, reflective moments... I kinda think, a long-haired hunk will be the last thing a confused female needs. Fast forward,  although the movie ended with a fairly good ending with Sandra Bullock choosing to walk the path of recovery and to re-examine her life (it always does in the movies) still, the existence of a potent attraction  might be the last thing some women -especially confused ones- need to be exposed to. Gwen had a happy ending, but such exposure to the opposite sex  might have a different ending in real life.

At any rate, I got so interested with the movie because a couple of years back, I had a kindergarten student who was separated from her mom because her mom had the same alcohol problem as Gwen in the movie.  The thing that alarmed me was the fact that some women are vulnerable to the opposite sex, so out of curiosity, I tried to see if there are recovery centers that are for women only. I pulled up Orchid Recovery Center for Women. It is a gender-specific drug and alcohol rehab center for women. I do not think there are a lot of these gender-specific facilities. My search did not pull up a lot. I like what I read and am excited to have the information  handy should I need it for cases like my student's mom. I hate to admit it, but I have been exposed to several cases of drug and alcohol related problems. It is one of the things teachers cannot avoid -it greatly affects the children when they have parents who are until the influence. The least I can do on parent-teacher conferences is to mention such centers, for their child's sake. I also like fact that they have Orchid Recovery Center Charities.  I am happy my simple movie has led me to Orchid Recovery Center .

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