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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Car Repair with a Heart

The weekend after spring break, some co-teachers, Doods and I agreed drive to Padre Island. It's in the south part of Texas. It's about 6 to 7 hours by road from Houston. We went there to visit a friend who traveled from the Philippines and stayed with her niece. We all agreed to meet at one of my co-teachers' (Jessie's) house as early at 7 in the morning. Doods parked our car in Jessie's driveway with my other co-teachers' cars. Incidentally, one of Jessie's daughters was in a hurry to leave for work. She tried to back up her car without asking the car owners to move their cars.. oops, er.. she bumped Doods's car by the side. The damage was not that big, but still warrants a repair. No big deal. Both parties agreed to settle things after the Padre Island trip.

A week after the trip, Jessie's daughter called and said she has found a good Houston auto repair shop. She did a good job in researching. The repair shop gave us a fair deal. The repair was reasonably priced. Of course the other party volunteered to pay for everything. Real nice folks. Doods liked the shop and the way they do work. Am even thinking of recommending  the shop to my other co-teacher who has been mentioning about an oil change and a tune up for her Acura Integra.The shop was so considerate, they even told Doods he can take his car after the two-hour repair instead of leaving it in the shop for three days which is what's common. The three day wait is for the buffing. The repair guy said, the buffing (smoothing) happens three days after the repainting and it would be senseless to keep the car there. We were so glad. It saved us car rental money. how cool is that! Anyway, this is it for today. More on our Padre Island trip on my next posts. :)

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