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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Wishful of Arbors!

I'm not the garden guru, but I do take pleasure in working in my yard. Last spring, after an awful experience with one of Houston's nastiest winters, we pulled-out four huge dead palms and four huge oleander trees (dead and dying) from our  backyard and replaced them with double knock out roses and crepe myrtles. We added some trees in one corner and kinda like how it turned out. Our peach tree is very generous, we like it a lot.

We also added some yellow and lavender roses. We added a beautiful bright red climber called don juan. When  it started blooming, it made me wish for garden arbors! I see some arbors  in the park near our place, and there's one romantic-looking arbor  in our school. I really like those wooden arbors. They spice up any yard and transforms it into a dreamy, relaxing place. A haven to rest, to sit long, read leisurely... *sigh* I wish! Anyway, I also bought camellias -do not know what colors I have- they were on sale and I decided to get some so our garden wouldn't be so dreary come winter. I am excited to see what colors those camellias are. I spend a lot of time in the yard lately -don't you just love spring and summer! :)



Ann said...

Your back yard is beautiful. You're certainly closer to being a garden guru than I am. :)

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