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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Grand Shores Ocean Resort

After experiencing one of the nastiest winters, it is now time to hit the beach. Summer is at it's peak, and the dancing wave are beckoning.  Houston welcomed summer with a huge splash. Due to a hurricane entering from the coast in Florida, the first weeks of summer, which we have all waited for, has been rainy for almost two weeks. Those days were dreadful. We were wishful of long barefoot walks on soft sandy beaches, under the blazing sun. It isn't too late for all these. I found this website, that has affordable packages.

Myrtle beach sounds like  good place to visit. I have been looking around for a Myrtle beach hotel that is very near the beach and offers child-friendly amenities. Despite the fact that my nieces ages (12, 11 and 9) are crazy for the beach, they also like to play in the pool -indoor or otherwise. Plainly speaking, they just can't get enough of the water. I guess they got this from living in a country that is an archipelago. My nieces are from the Philippines. Our country is made up of 7,107 big and small islands. Short of saying, there's water practically everywhere! Teehee. 

With amenities that offer a lot of fun things to do, a day wouldn't be enough at Myrtle beach. I can see that it's going to be a lot cheaper if we stay longer, and avail of reasonably-priced  Myrtle beach vacation deals. Whew, I can almost foresee sun-kissed days and long walks on sandy-beaches.


George said...

Since I lived near Myrtle Beach for a few years, I think your entire family would enjoy a vacation there.

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