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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Hybrid Hysteria

Car Craze is back! Well, more like am forced to consider getting one, now that my three nieces are living with us. As most of you know, my three nieces (ages 12, 11 and 9) moved to the USA from the Philippines. They will be with us for the duration of this coming school year (or probably beyond) This means a huge change of lifestyle for my husband and I. Having been childless for 13 long years, we find it delightful to have the girls around. Albeit a lot of work and the challenge of raising pre-teens, we are still excited.

The first adjustment would, an extra car! We only have one vehicle and have survived with it for as long as we can remember. Things work out well. I enjoy carpooling. I carpo ol with my co-teacher and friend for the past seven years. but with the girls different schedules -each one hectic- we have to get another vehicle. I like the look of the sleek sedan, acura tl, with it's four-wheel drive. When they heard of the plan to get another car, my nieces did not hesitate to suggest a "bumblebee" the chevy camaro, popularized by the movie Transformers -teehee.  Of course, dodge has an answer to chevy's camaro -their dodge challenger, the two-door, muscled version of the camaro -not bad, but too masculine for me. Oh well, with gas price fluctuating up and down, am greatly tempted to go for  hybrid cars! So many to choose from...but am actually anchored to a realistic budget -hahaha.  But it's always pleasant to check the market and compare. ")



RNSANE said...

Wow, Tes, I must be living in a fog. I didn't realize you had "adopted" your nieces for the school year! What an instant ( and
large ) change in the size of your family. It should be fun ( and
sometimes a bit stressful ) but it will be so great for them to spend time with their aunt and uncle and likewise, for the two of you to share your experiences and knowledge with them. I am sure they will be missed at home but greatly envied by many!

I guess you do need a new car! Good luck on the shopping and many blessings as you start this adventure.

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