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Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Spring and summer are often characterized by blooms. It is a good time to work on projects in the yard. This spring, I worked on several container gardens. I like the fact that these gardens are versatile, and can be easily moved around.  This project is easy, and right now, timely. I said timely because a lot of plants are on sale during spring. For my container garden project, I chose a blue point juniper and several low-maintenance blooms. I shaped the blue point juniper into a simple topiary. I picked out a number of beautiful  outdoor planters. When doing container gardening, choose your outddor planter  wisely, they bring out the best in your plant/foliage, and they add character in your yard.

I also bought an indoor planter. Added some to my collection. I am very fond of  indoor planters. I have quite  collection of indoor plants already. This time, I've decided to grace the fireplace -for the meantime- since it's spring and the fireplace isn't in use. I added some mini roses that were on sale -so many lovely colors to choose from. I got pink, yellow and  red. This year, am into planters, big time.



RNSANE said...

How beautiful it all looks. I think container gardening is a great idea so you can move you nicest flowers to whatever setting you want to show off - garden party, front porch, etc. It's really nice if they are perennials or bulbs that you can replant every year!

Tekkaus said...

Wow...a beautiful garden you have there. :)

George said...

Your planters look beautiful! We have sixteen planters lining our driveway. They all contain roses.

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