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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Rain Chain In My Backyard

Geez, our fourth of July is rainy! I hope it stops raining later tonight. It's the first time for my nieces and my brother-in-law to celebrate fourth of July. They moved here in America a year ago, some weeks after the fourth of July, so they missed the spectacular display of fireworks. *sigh*  It isn't raining as I type, and I really hope it doesn't anymore!

It has been a wet week! Yea, rainy days are here to stay. Hurricane Alex  visited the south of Texas, somewhere in the South Padre Island area. Puddles everywhere in the yard. Grass is growing wild. Gutter over spills. My roses and camellias are suffering from  having "wet feet."  They are drowning because the roof facing  my back yard has no gutter. Heavier drops of water causes the soil to splatter on the leaves, causing the leaves to rot or develop fungus. Gutter for that part of our roof is on top of  our to-do list, and a  rain chain for the corners of our house to help support the gutters from heavy rains.

Rain chains are alternative to down spouts. The purpose of a garden rain chain  is largely decorative, to make water feature out of the transport of rain water from the roof gutter to a drain. They are widely used in Japan. Rain water ran-off gets distributed from a roof top gutter downward through the gutter rain chain. Copper rain chains  are very practical and ideal.



Ann said...

Hope the rain lets up for you soon. That rain chain is really cool. It's been very hot here all day. Looking forward to this evening when it cools off a bit

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