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Friday, July 9, 2010

Teen Drug Rehab

The reality of teen substance abuse is quite alarming. My husband, a high school teacher, has dealt with several situations pertaining to substance abuse, from students who have been caught doing drugs, have confessed to do drugs and even have students who attended class, high on drugs.

There are many reasons why teenagers do drugs. In most cases, the leading cause of substance abuse is  stress. There are so many suppressors that push teens to do drugs, one of which is social acceptance, and/or low self-esteem. Peer is the life of most of these high school kids. They crave for approval, the want to be "cool" This feeling of wanting to be accepted can drive teens to do anything even dare to do things that are destructive to themselves -like drugs.

In the school setting, students who are hungry for their parents attention, would find it easy to casually talk to their teachers about their sentiments, problems, heartaches... their frustrations. Often times, when students confide about being hooked on drugs or alcohol, the teachers do their best to talk to the student about  teen drug rehab or teen alcohol rehab. It is vital that kids know they have a way out, that they can be helped. Teen drug treatment  is available and accessible. Sometimes, young people just needs to be guided accordingly to realize there is so much ahead of them and high school is just a cocoon they have to go through to emerge as butterflies.  But despite the rehabs, early on, parents should provide their teens with teen addiction info before the kids start to get curious about drugs or alcohol. In the end, prevention is still better then cure



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