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Friday, July 23, 2010

Upgrade Or Not

When we had our house built, we had to make decisions on upgrades. Mistakes regarding these choices can make life difficult.  I mean, some things should be installed prior to moving in, and some upgrades can be done even after we have moved-in.  The basics, like fireplace (which is optional) and bricks on the facade of the house are just a few that (we believe) should be decided on, because it would be very difficult to have those installed after we have moved in, when the furniture are already in place. In fact, I think, with the bricks, we might not have a choice after the boards have been in place, to replace it with bricks. Well, as for the little things, it is wiser to take things slow and do things project by project -weekend projects, I mean.

Weekend projects can be putting tiles on the patio, or painting the rooms. Now that I've mentioned it, lately, since I've been hooked into gardening, I've been thinking of  putting tiles on our patio. I hate to see how quickly mold and grime settles and I had to brush it every now and then. Tiles is so versatile, I see it in unexpected places. I saw subway tiles, and it looked good, not to mention easy to clean. Ok, I got distracted. Anyway, all am saying is, am glad we held back and did not have every little area upgraded. Most times, you get a good deal when you take time to patiently watch out for those amazing sale. And on top of that, it is such a delight to work on weekend projects.



RNSANE said...

I don't own a house and I am finshed with all that but I tend to agree with you, Tes. First of all, sometimes, there just isn't enough money to do it all before moving in and, secondly, as you say, many of those projects are nice to work on together after the move, as sales happen and as you have the time.

I'll bet your garden and yard are lovely.

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