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Friday, July 23, 2010

You Have Got to Watch This!

Contribution by German Flowers

"You've Got Mail" is the best movie on Satellite TV. The cast is superb and the writing genius. It explore New York City in a magical way through out the seasons of a year following the love story of an unlikely pair.
I love Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks together, they make a handsome pair who have great chemistry. Meg Ryan plays Kathleen Kelly who owns a small children's book store. Tom's character is more dynamic in a large corporate but family run conglomerate book store. Eventually his store runs hers out of business.
There private lives are where its gets interesting. They met online in a chartroom and they begin to talk all the time via email. Their banter is fresh and witty and it is clear they enjoy each others advice and stories.
Eventually, Tom Hanks figures out his email partner is Meg Ryan who is clueless. The story then revolves around him trying to get her not to hate him and to wrap her around his finger.

They meet in a springtime garden in New York filled with flowers and bees buzzing. They kiss after realizing they were meant for each other. It is the most perfect movie and ending to a fabulous film. I love that it happened before online dating became so big and common place. It is a real spin on modern love.


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