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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Classroom Organizers

Geez, how time flies! It's school time once again. Yesterday, I spent the whole day fixing and decorating my classroom. I took my three nieces to help me, and I think ( I hope) they had fun. The problem with my classroom is the clutter!  Throughout the years, I have accumulated so much stuff - mostly useful ones, just need to be properly stored. Am looking at ordering several shelves and classroom organizers for this school year. I checked online and found several at Netixchange. As soon as the budget for this school year comes out, I will order some wooden shelves. I like those that are low enough for the five-year old to access.

Am looking for shelves like the ones i already have in my classroom. These ones are low enough and it has wheels so I can move them around the room.


ruthi said...

oh you are so ready for the school year sis? your classroom is so neat. your new set of students will surely enjoy your lesson.

Ann said...

Your classroom is so colorful and cheery looking.

George said...

I like the looks of your classroom. I have a feeling your students enjoy being there.

betchai said...

oh Tes, love your classroom, super love! I hope your nieces enjoyed decorating and preparing it for tomorrow with you. may you have a good first day of school tomorrow, aws, looking at your classroom, makes me wish am a child again. love it so.

Mrs. M @ TLC said...

Beautiful classroom; lively and colorful. Sure your students will love it.

Have a wonderful week!

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