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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Custom Laptop

Education has gone a long way from simple lessons under a shady tree, to simple pen and paper, and now, the "notebook," better known as the laptop. Most schools nowadays make homework available online. This is helpful in case a child (intentionally or unintentionally) misplaces his/her take-home work. Online homework allows the parents to monitor the completion of given work. Kids can no longer hide or intentionally misplace their difficult homework because parents can access it online. Parents can even check the deadline, and be able to remind their kids to submit on time.

Most parents find it wise to invest in a good laptop or have custom computersHoward custom computers allows parents to choose the specifications of the unit they want for their kids. That way, they can save on parts and hardware that the kids won't even use, and add the ones that will be most useful to them.

While kids are at a phase when they are establishing their mark, they try be different, and they are fond of branding their properties. Parents can opt for a custom laptop. With this option, the owner can choose even the casing he prefers. Little things like these can go a long way in inspiring kids to feel good about themselves. Like desktops, having a custom laptop will also enable the owner to choose the specifics that will be useful to them. I think in the long run, this will be more economical than getting the generic type. All i know is that I have a lot of programs in my computer that I do not use, let alone open.



Ann said...

It sure has come a long way since I was in school.

ruthi said...

this is cool. you can customize your kid's laptop? just what they need especially when parents have no time to watch their kids or guide them due to busy routine. just being on safe side.

betchai said...

and one thing i love about homework online is that i do not have to worry about parents bugging me to give them the homework their kids missed, all they have to do is check on line :) i never knew we can customize laptop, this is cool Tes.

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