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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Date Night At The Movies

Guest Blogger:
Author: Joseph Sandoval

I am single and currently casually dating. I enjoy going to the movies on dates because it's informal and we can avoid the awkward silence that can happen during some dates. We usually have dinner before or after the movie so a typical date can last up to four to five hours. I like to have dinner after the movie so we have something to talk about if the conversation lulls. Sitting in a theater on a date can be fun because you are sharing popcorn and sitting so close, yet you aren't expected to be making small talk. You can silently flirt with your date while enjoying the movie. Since I am single and live alone, I make sure to set my home security alarm before leaving to go to the movie theater on a date. It wasn't hard to find Adt security system around hempstead. I don't want a date to be just a decoy to get me out of the house so I can be robbed while I am gone for up to five hours. I can relax and enjoy myself knowing my home is protected while I am gone for the evening.



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