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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

DVD Ripper

Lately, I have found it addicting to rip dvd. Doods found a program that converts our old VHS movies to DVD format and save it on discs. I pursued this hobby because our old videos on VHS format are becoming unplayable. Some are blurry, and some wouldn't even play at all. I'm sure you have experienced these with some of your old VHS videos. At any rate, now that they are in dvd format, I rip them and make copies for family. Most of the videos have some of our precious childhood memories in, and really worth preserving..

A DVD ripper is a software that allows copying the content of a DVD to a hard disk. This is used to transfer video in DVDs to different formats to edit or back up DVD convert, and for converting DVD video for playback on media players and mobile devices. The DVD ripper allows me to load old videos to youtube, and maximize video sharing among friends and family.

For mac users, DVD ripper mac is the the best option to rip DVD videos in whichever format -avi, mpeg, wmv. mp4 and lots for other formats. It also rip DVD to HD format.

I'd say, do not wait until it's too late before you save those precious VHS videos. Work on them now and save them in your hard disk or DVDs.



RNSANE said...

Tes, does this also work for VHS movies? I have hundreds of them. Most I don't care about anymore but, some, I'd like to save.

Tekkaus said...

But not all DVD can be ripped right? :D

Roy James said...

Here's an article about how to rip DVD on MacBook.

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