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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Elite Competition

Guest Blogger
Posted by Heriberto Fuentes

I try not to think of myself as a helicopter parent of a competitive show mom but, that is very hard when your 11 year old is an elite gymnast on her way to the Olympics. Emma has been training for gymnastics since she was three years old. She was always tumbling and a wild child so I entered her in a day camp at the local gym. They could not get her off the trampoline or off the bars. They insisted I enroll her in the their beginner elementary class. Since that day, there was no turning back.

She has a huge international meet in a month. I know as soon as I set the motion detector alarm and head out the door, I will be a nervous wreck. She is one of the youngest elite gymnasts and she still has some time to develop and become even more powerful. She has her heart set on the Olympics and I know she will get there. I push her and her coaches push her to be the best. She is easily the best at her gym. She can pull moves that not even gymnasts in high school can accomplish.
I am afraid of her being too competitive to the point that she breaks down. I just cannot worry about that and hope for the best.


ruthi said...

Nice... congrats for this Sis.

Tekkaus said...

Wow...since she was 3? Awesome! :D

betchai said...

there is a new phrase added to my vocabulary Tes, "helicopter parent", I guess it must really be tough to be parent of a very competitive child, but then, we could not also let our fears stop the child from pursuing her dreams and achieve greater things.

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