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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Plan of Attack Grocery Shopping

Guest Blogger Post

The Author of this post is Jasper Ramsey

In these tough economic times every penny saved is a penny earned. I've tried to live by that adage, thanks to my father who grew up in the Depression. So, when I check my mail, the first thing I look for are fliers for the local grocery stores and coupons.

Normally I separate coupons according to relevance: cooking, cleaning, frozen and specialty foods. Holidays are a great time to get ample coupons from companies, and this is the perfect time to buy as much nonperishable foods as I can (like sugar and flour). Double coupon days are great. If there is a specific sale time for purchases, I'll make a special trip to the store just to save.

Weekends seem to be the best time for my husband, myself and the kids to do our errand shopping for groceries. I'll set my home security video surveillance alarm, hand my grocery list to everyone (the kids pitch in buying food) and head to the store.
We go through a lot of milk, bread and eggs in our home, so they're always on our list. Fresh fruits and vegetables are also a staple, and if on sale, I double up. Food, as we rationalize, will always be used and nothing will go to waste. Whatever can put in the freezer for later, the better.

Every bit of savings helps.


Tekkaus said...

Yeah! Weekends is always the better time right? :D Weekdays are just too packed for us to run our errands etc.

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