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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

So Little Time to Garden!

It has been a bit tedious and time-consuming to put this terra cotta garden together but, its ok, I HAD time then anyway. Yes, HAD... but hardly ever now  *sigh* Summer break is over... goodbye gardening, hello school and girls'-homework! Yeap, lately, I have not been gardening since the girls started school. This is their first week in school. I am left with just watering the plants on extremely hot days, where as before, I would even have time for container gardening!  Yet, I always include gardening on my weekend schedule, but er .. reality check, with so many other things to do, I end up not doing any gardening at all. A long grocery list can easily kick leisure-gardening off the to-do list. Oh well, fall is just around the corner, the garden is fixing to stagnate pretty soon.

My neighbor gave me those yellow-flowering plant. I do not know what it's called. I used those easy-to-grow plants to spice up my terra cotta pots.



Cher said...

i still love your garden no matter what. ;)
btw, thanks for leaving comments in my fb and blog despite your busyness. appreciate it so much! :)

Tekkaus said...

At least you still have a huge garden to tend to. :p Make some time.

betchai said...

they are beautiful Tes. love those flowers, i don't take care of our garden anymore, thankfully, they are very low maintenance plants that they just bloom perfectly to spice our day :)

George said...

I know how hard it is to find enough time to spend in the garden. But I do like the looks of your container garden.

Kateri said...

Your container is lovely. My flower gardens are full of weeds with very few flowers this year. There is always next year, though!

Ayie said...

we can't have a garden here because our unit is on the second level and the only way I can have plants around is through indoor planter boxes

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