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Monday, August 23, 2010

Stainless Steel @ Home

A visit to a state-of-the-art furniture store would show you that the "in" thing these days for appliances, kitchen accessories and interior decors -both indoor and out, is stainless steel. Some time back, we only see stainless steel in cafeterias in school and offices, but now, more and more people are finding it practical to utilize stainless steel material.

Just last week, my friend, Windie, was complaining to me of how frustrating is was to discover that some of her mail got all wrinkly and are sticking together because their mailbox rusticated and now bore holes that allow rain water to sip inside. For her peace of mind, it might be time for Windie to switch to blomus stainless steel mailboxes. This way, you feel secure that any important documents coming in through the mailbox will be safe from molds and rust.

I also saw some blomus stainless steel fireplace accessories online that have caught my fancy. Very practical-looking. I can imagine how much time I can save myself  cleaning stainless steel fireplace accessories. Not to mention the nice clean gleem after every cleaning. The usual brass always have soot-stain that is hard to remove, giving the fireplace a dirty look.

Another practical item that I would like to have is the stainless steel bird feeder. I've seen beautifully sculptured bird feeders go to waste because of  the cheap material. Having a stainless one will be practical in cleaning away bird poop that can cause disease  to birds if left in the feeder.

Stainless steel  have long been known to have a long life span and a finish that is easy to clean. No wonder more and more people are making that stainless steel switch.



ruthi said...

the stainless steel bird feeder is cute. haven't seen anything like it yet though i saw a stainless steel sculpture the other day.

RNSANE said...

Well, a stainless steel bird feeder would be the ultimate!! What lucky birds to encounter something that elegant!!

Tekkaus said...

You have bird feeder at home. Awesome. :D So every day you will be seeing lots of birds?

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