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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Where Did the Pastel Colors Go?

Recently, we finished painting my nieces bedrooms. Becca will have a bedroom to herself, while Cate and Yam will share a common bedroom. Cate and Yam's choice of colors are pink and green. One would think it's such a dainty color, but it's not the pink and green of a fairy princess. Rather, an electric pink or some call it fuchsia pink. The green, a darker shade of the recycle logo. The way they had it done was, two walls facing each other, pink, and the other two, green! Yeap, kids nowadays know how to express their aesthetic mood. I was imagining soft pink and lavender, but I respect their choice. As for taste in furniture, I thought white bedside tables would have been nice on the girls' room,  like a clean white desks. But, my girls ages 9 and 11 are more fascinated with chrome  headboard and chrome legged plastic-topped tables (yes, green and pink too!). I guess even kids' tastes in furniture evolve. I have to agree, by letting them have their way, their room now generates a distinct aura of their unique personality! I'm glad I agreed to let them exercise their choice. It's risk, am glad I took!


Linda (PA_shutterbug) said...

The bedroom sounds bright and pretty. You'll have to post pictures so we can see :-)

Tes said...

Hello, Linda! You're an early bird, dear friend! Yes, I will try to post some pictures. :)

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